Children’s Ministry:
Foley Children’s Ministry is lead by Melissa Sessions and team members Josh and Dorsey Corley.

It is an exciting, safe and secure environment where kids can come to know God the Father; build a relationship with Jesus Christ the Son; and know their destiny through the Holy Spirit. We believe children are gifts from God according to Psalms 127:3 “…children are a heritage from the LORD…”

Children’s Ministry Schedule

10am Kids Church (Ages 3-10)

6:30 PM Mpact Girls Ministry (Ages 6-11)
6:30 PM Royal Rangers Boys Ministry (Ages 6-11)
6:30 PM Rainbows: Boys & Girls (Ages 4-5)

Youth Ministry:

Pastor Connor and Tiffany Williams lead our youth ministry.

Our vision is to impact a generation of students with hope and love, impart Biblical Truth to them, involve each one in ministry and increase the Kingdom of God in their hearts and to reach others through campus evangelism.

We are devoted to raise up youth who are connected in a life-giving relationship with Jesus, planted and thriving in the local church.

Youth Ministry Schedule:

6:30 PM

Inner Healing Ministry:

Jesus said to us in Scripture that He has come to heal the broken hearted(Luke 4:18) and set the captives free.

In the Inner Healing Ministry lead by Rick Zapata, it is taught how to interact with the Holy Spirit in such a way as to find deep healing and what in our past needs repentance.

If you have experienced a deep wound spiritually, mentally and emotionally there is great freedom in Jesus. Inner Healing is a process that draws you closer to Jesus through the Holy Spirit and produces great fruit in your life.

Inner Healing Ministry Schedule:

Sunday evenings at 6pm in Church fellowship hall.

Man 2 Man Ministry:

The Man 2 Man Ministry is geared to bring a deeper and enriched Christian life through service and relationships. This ministry is lead by Dwayne Owens who has a passion to serve Jesus and reach other men with the greatest message of Hope.

Man 2 Man is devoted to helping young adults discover God’s Calling, Develop vital ministry skills, Deploy the Love of Christ into their jobs, family, and community.

Each meeting is about going developing Christ-likeness.

Man 2 Man Ministry Schedule:

Bi-weekly each Tuesday at 6pm

Women 2 Women Ministries

W2W is a great place to get to know others and enjoy fellowship, connect, and grow spiritually.

Life is busy and noisy with schedules to keep and errands to run, family to care for, and spiritual encouragement and growth get pushed to the margin of life.

Join us bi-weekly on Tuesdays each month for a time to exhale and receive from God’s Word with other Women of all ages and stages. You will be blessed!

Women 2 Women Ministry Schedule:

Bi-Weekly every Tuesday 6pm